The village of Capalbio is also nicknamed Little Athens, for the environment in which it is located and the historical artistic importance the village assumed in the Renaissance.

Certainly Capalbio is one of the villages in the Manciano area that historically experienced the presence of the highest number of different cultures, each of which left its mark on the region and led to important developments.

In addition to the castle, you should visit the Church of St. Nicholas (Chiesa di San Nicola), built in medieval times, which houses both contemporary and Renaissance frescoes.

But the most characteristic structures in Capalbio are the military architecture:

Capalbio’s walls, made of a double wall with walkways at different levels, entirely enclosing the characteristic medieval village;

Capalbiaccio’s Castle;

Macchiatonda’s fort, located on the beach of the same name;

Buranaccio’s Tower, located between the shore of Lake Burano and the sea, in

the southernmost coastal tower of Tuscany.

Near Capalbio you will find the Tarot Garden, created by Niki de Saint Phalle,the famous French-American sculptor, painter, and filmmaker.

Near one of the city gates is also found one statue of this French-American artist, the “Nana-Fontaine”.

For nature lovers, there are many natural areas of interest. We suggest the WWF oasis of Lake Burano as a great example of natural beauty.