Pitigliano is one of the most famous villages in Maremma, a tourist destination known internationally (Belongs to the list of the orange flags of TCI and one of the most beautiful burgs in Italy ANCI).
It ‘s so Particular Also for the placement of its old town, overlooking a tufa cliff. Some of the events that take place in the village is attracting a large number of visitors, as the Infiorata (flower display) in late June (Corpus Christi) and September Divine (the cellars party) during the first weekend of the month.
There are also many possible trekking routes, with both archeological and naturalistic sites: the quarries ways, containing the Necropolis of the Gradone and the Necropolis of San Giovanni, the archaeological open-air museum Alberto Manzi, Morranaccio, Poggio Buco, the cascades of the river Lente and the source of river Nova.