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From the pool you can see the Tyrrhenian sea!


If you are looking for a farmhouse with swimming pool in Maremma we believe that you may like the one available at our farmhouse.


Our guests sometimes decide to spend the whole day there. It is the ideal place to get a tan or to relax by reading a good book or listening to the sound of the wind between the trees.


This is one of the sunniest spots on the property. The sun is present from early morning until late afternoon, and a light breeze makes sun exposure more pleasant.


Going to the pool coming back from the beach is a habit that many have. To enjoy the last rays of the sun and the panorama.

The position of the swimming pool has been carefully chosen in order to offer a beautiful view of the surrounding hills and until the Tyrrhenian sea. From this point you can also admire the village of Manciano and the Rocca Aldobrandesca.


For families with children a farmhouse with a pool is important. Especially in those days when you don’t want to load all the beach toys in your car. Particularly if you have already made other plans for the afternoon and going to the beach would not be convenient.

The pool is not very deep and is well suited for use by children. However, keep in mind that we do not have a lifeguard and that it is not possible to leave children unattended in the pool.


The swimming pool is usually open from 9 am to 8 pm, but due to the measures dictated by the Covid-19 emergency, we have reduced this time. We will be able to give you an update this regard at the time of booking.


In the past we have organized aerobics classes by the pool and in the water, but also for this type of activity it is necessary to verify first the feasibility.