At one hour from Manciano, Castiglione della Pescaia was awarded several times with the 5 sails of Legambiente and the Italian Touring Club for the quality of the sea and the beaches. This important acknowledgment was most recently awarded in 2017. In this edition, many beaches of Tuscany received the 5 sails, bringing the region to the top (second place) of the most prized regions in Italy. Because of this recognition, the town is considered a unique tourist destination, also called ’little Switzerland’ for environmental care and bathing facilities. Thanks to its geographic location, it has been chosen several times for high-level sailing competitions. Near the village is the Diaccia Botrona, one of the wetland areas most important in Italy and internationally.


Orvieto is one of the most beautiful and characteristic cities in Umbria. It is reachable from Manciano by following several itineraries, which follow the contours of Bolsena Lake, taking about 90 minutes by car. The village rises on a spectacular tuff cliff overlooking the valley. The highest point is fifty meters above the surrounding countryside. As Civita di Bagno Regio, which rises not far away, the high ground on which Orvieto is located is due to the activity of several volcanoes, now extinguished, in the area. The same Lake Bolsena represents the largest volcanic lake in Europe.


Just over an hour and a half away you can also visit Massa Marittima, the main center of the Grosseto’s hills and Orange Flag of the TCI. The beauty of the old town is truly special. This small town, still relatively unknown, is rich in many important historic buildings. It is a real pleasure to walk around its streets, discovering its shops and stores. Its strategic position offers beautiful views of the countryside and the sea. An unforgettable event is the Balestro del Girifalco, one of the most important historical happenings in Tuscany. It takes place in the main square of the town on the fourth Sunday of May and the second Sunday in August.


Mount Amiata is a beautiful rocky mountain that is located on the border between the two provinces of Siena and Grosseto. It reaches a height of 1738 m above sea level. Thanks to unspoiled nature, it offers many possibilities for excursions and walks. At the Natural Reserve of the Rocconi’s wood, WWF Oasis, you can encounter many wild animals, including the rare lanario hawk. By visiting this area of most beautiful villages, photography enthusiasts will find innumerable inspirations for their shots. In winter many ski lovers engage in their favorite sport on the slopes of Amiata, with their artificial snow. There are many villages and towns that will undoubtedly be worth visiting: Castel del Piano, Arcidosso, Abbadia San Salvatore, Piancastagnaio, Seggiano, Monticello Amiata, Santa Fiora and Semproniano, all of which are very characteristic both for the monuments and numerous traditional festivals that they host. At any time of the year, during these events, you can enjoy the seasonal produce typical of these areas, which in autumn include porcini, chestnuts and truffles.


With a short train ride (less than an hour and thirty), starting from Montalto di Castro railway station, you can reach Rome. Stepping down to St. Peter’s station, you will be right in the city center. To get around we recommend the double decker buses, departing from San Pietro, by which you can reach the most important points in the city.


Siena is, depending on the chosen route, between two hours and two hours and a half from Manciano. In both cases you have the opportunity to stop to visit some of the most beautiful villages in Tuscany.
The beauty of the city is universally recognized, so much that its historic center has been incorporated by UNESCO into the World Heritage Sites.
On July 2 and August 16 the famous Palio is held, the equestrian race between the districts of the town that has its origins in the medieval period and is still so felt by the population, that when the two parents of a child are of different neighborhoods, the attribution of belonging to the new born becomes a real family matter.
If you prefer to explore quietly the places you visit, perhaps it is advisable to stay away from these dates. If you like to feel yourself part of a place, looking at it through the eyes of its inhabitants, the ‘colorful’ and ‘picturesque’ atmosphere of the event will give you unique emotions.